Training workers with Biotech Connect and partnerships

Training workers with Biotech Connect and partnerships

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Last year, Governor Kathy Hochul announced a $10 billion partnership to bring semiconductor research to the Capital Region. Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences received over $600,000 in state funding for its biotechnology and biopharmaceutical program. Now, Hudson Valley Community College wants to help spread awareness of the hundreds of jobs that are available- and many don’t even require a degree with its Biotech Connect Program.

“Four-year colleges are not for everyone,” Michelle Lewis, Executive Director of the Stack Family Center for Biopharmaceutical Education and Training, said. “But science is very hands-on. So there’s a place for everyone in this industry, whether you have that advanced degree or you find that you’re just very mechanically inclined and like to use your hands. There’s definitely a job for you.”

The program partnered with Regeneron to help share opportunities in the biotech industry. The program is open to any adult who is looking for a change or even to help enhance their current career.

Tiffany Terry is currently a Phlebotomist looking for opportunities in biotechnology.

“I wanna be able to show my kids that you don’t have to just stick with one thing,” Terry said. “You can branch out and do just about anything. You know…take the time out. You do your research to find out what you wanna do. And if it works for you-go for it.”

Donna Barron is the Associate Professor at Hudson Valley Community College. She is sharing with students that each position has a future, with benefits and opportunities for growth.

“That’s really an important part of our program. We’re raising awareness now,” Barron said. “What we want to show them is that they can get into these entry-level jobs.”

RPI created the Semiconductor Scholars program in partnership with Hudson Valley Community College to also help meet the workforce demands.

Shekhar Garde, Dean of Engineering at RPI, said the industry is expected to surpass one trillion dollars in revenue by 2030.

“There’s a lot of new companies that are coming to our area, and there’s a tremendous workforce need,” Garde said. “They need skilled workers, from those who have two-year college degrees all the way to PhDs who are going to design the next generation of quantum computers. They need all of them.”

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